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Hetalia Merch Sales Post

May 31, 2016: From now until September, Merchandise and Doujinshi sales will be on hiatus. I have only brought the Hetalia musical bromides with me and as such, these are the only items I will be able to sell over the summer.
I just returned from a semester abroad in Japan and I'm selling several Hetalia themed items I got a hold of while I was there. These include assorted merchandise, doujinshi and even musical bromides!

Rules & Procedure
1. I accept PayPal only.
2. Prices are in USD.
3. I am located in the United States (Minnesota) but I am willing to ship internationally. Just note that shipping will likely be higher because of this.
4. Shipping days will be between Monday and Friday.
6. I will allow holds for up to 48 hours.

And now on to the goods!

Anikuji Items

2011 Anikuji Tier C
Germany & Italy - $15

2015 Anikuji Tier D
Germany - $10

2015 Anikuji Tier C
Allies Tin - $15

2015 Anikuji Tier E-1
Spain&Romano/Belgium&Netherlands - $6

2015 Anikuji Tier E-3
Leichtenstein&Switzerland/Lithuania&Poland - $6

2015 Anikuji Tier E-4
Latvia&Estonia/Belarus&Ukraine Clear Files (2 available) - $6

Rubber Straps/Phone Charm
France - $7
(Box was damaged in travels if that is of any importance to anyone.)

Gakuen Rubber Straps
Italy - $7

Acrylic Sailor Keychains
Germany - $7
China - $7

Clear Pop Stands
Netherlands - $7

Namjatown Event - Nekomimi Nations
Japan - $7

Character Badge Collection
Italy - $7

Character Badge Collection
Germany - $7


Name: Je suis vraiment heureux
Pairing: France x Canada (Anthology)
Pages: 134

Name: 俺は困っている
Pairing: UKUS
Pages: 32

Name: 一粒で二度おいしい。
Pairing: UKUS, Japan x USA
Pages: 16

Musical Bromides

Photograph Bromide - $5

Kirakira Bromide - $5


Photograph Bromide - $5

Kirakira Bromide - $5


Photograph Bromide (2 available) - $5

Kirakira Bromide (2 available) - $5

Balloon Bromide - $5


Photograph Bromide - $6

Kirakira Bromide (2 available) - $6

Balloon Bromide - $6


Photograph Bromide - $10


Special Thank You Bromide - $12

Photograph Bromide - $5

Kirakira Bromide - $5

Bromide Set (includes all three) - $12

Double-M and KID vs. Conan: Chapter 2.2

Part 2 of Chapter 2!!
Amethyst PurpleCollapse )

Double-M and KID vs. Conan: Chapter 2.1

 A/N: Hey all, here's the long awaited (or maybe not) second chapter for my new story :) Hmm, I wonder if anyone can find the pattern I've placed in this story. As for updates, I will try to post the next chapter/s sometime during the following week (or two). But, of course, with sports and homework and such, (plus any lame writer's blocks that may decide to visit) I cannot give any guarantees but I will try my best to make it by my deadline. (If I can't, then please forgive me!)

Warnings: To any and all Harry Potter fans who might be reading this, please don't kill me (and I don't own) (there's a small comment directed to JK Rowling some of you may not like) I respect all Harry Potter fans (and their opinions) and don't mean to insult the author of these books. It's just Kasuma's character that leads her to say/do the things she does. Also, the Latin in this chapter is a bit fuzzy translation wise. It's my first year taking it so sorry about the roughness. This story may turn into a RanShin fic depending on how well I can actually write a romance fic :)

Acknowledgements: Arigato to ysabet and nightengale's story Three Thieves for giving me the idea for an internet chat concept. Also... arigato, salamat, gracias, gratia to my first reviewers 1412 karasu and DCMonkey4EVR! Reviews are amazing!

Other (possibly irrelevant): You know what I think? I think writer's blocks should die. I think I will murder it. That is one satsujin jiken (murder case) I wouldn't mind overlooking.

(Sorry, that was a lot)

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Picture Perfect

awww!! How cute

Ran's Discovery

Ran's Discovery
Ran's expression in File 743 was too good to not use!! :D
Looks like she found a mask! I wonder who it belongs to??

Double-M and KID vs. Conan: Chapter 1.2

Here's part two of chappy one!!!

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Double-M and KID vs. Conan: Chapter 1.1

A/N: OI!!! The first chapter is finally up! I apologize in advance for any spelling and grammar mistakes I may have missed.

Disclaimer: I do not own Detective Conan, this anime/manga belongs to Gosho Aoyama! I only own Double-M, Kasuma, and the plot. (By the way… This little disclaimer will apply to all chapters that are added to this story, so I don’t think I’ll need to repeat that fact before every chapter)

Warnings: There are some references to some small things like Alice in Wonderland (for example) in here. Of course I don’t own any of them.


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